KMS Projects is owned and managed by Peter Keeling who amassed a wealth of production engineering and commercial experience over a long and successful career.  Guided by two key principles: 'Look after people and people will look after you" and 'There's always a better way', Peter has  tackled some of the toughest challenges facing manufacturing in post-industrial Britain.


Having worked in a variety of sectors, including clothing and point of sale, Peter launched his own tool making, injection moulding and wood-working businesses, all of which he eventually sold to split his time between KMS Projects and farming his land in Cornwall.

Growing cauliflower commercially introduced Peter to some of the issues facing UK food producers and when he realised that the costs of harvesting some manually harvested crops can be as much as a multiple of 15 times the planting costs, he determined to find a better way.

The journey to find that better way has been challenging. On the way, we have explored a variety of potential solutions, many with unexpected, alternative uses.  It has taken time, a great deal of investment, blood (yes a little!), sweat and even tears, but KMS Projects is justifiably proud to announce that they now have a fully operational prototype of an automated rig which selectively harvests broccoli in the field.

"There's always a better way"

Our People

Every project we tackle is unique, so we create bespoke teams with the best mix of skills and experience to meet the challenges of the job in hand.

Our small core team of production Engineers is enhanced with an impressive network of associates. In this way, our project teams are strengthened and assisted by specialist Software, Imaging, Robotics and Mechanical Engineers as and when required.

Protecting Ideas

KMS Projects has enjoyed a long association with one of the Europe's most experienced intellectual property firms.

We take the protection of ideas very seriously and are keen to ensure that our R&D work is covered by patents and trade marks when possible.

You can therefore rest assured that your ideas will be in safe hands with us.

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