KMS Projects was established to create commercially advantageous solutions to real life production challenges.

R&D is all we do, so we offer services that enable us to understand the issue and to find a solution that makes sound business sense.

Understanding the issue

We'll spend time with you to understand your business and the issue you are facing.  We'll

talk to your people and take time to watch your operation in action.  This will help us to work with you to define the brief and to agree the outcomes you want to achieve.

Doing our homework

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, so our next step is to find out is there are any existing solutions to your issue.  We'll also look at whether there are existing technologies that can be adapted or modified to give you the results you are looking for.

This process always gives us some useful insight and ideas and often provides us with a good jumping-off point for our thinking.

Developing concepts

Once we have a solid understanding of your business, the outcomes you are seeking and any existing, transferable technologies, then and only then do we start to develop concepts.

This process may involve simultaneously exploring several different possible ideas to begin with, or we may identify the outline of our preferred solution at an early stage.  In either event, we'll present you with our thinking and keep you involved throughout the process.

Protecting the idea
Advised by our specialist Lawyers, we will prepare the design drawings, descriptions and other submissions to make appropriate IP protection applications in your chosen markets.
Proving the concept

Naturally you will want evidence that the

solution we're developing on your behalf can

be successful.

We usually provide this evidence by

undertaking a proof of concept demonstration which will show that the concept does have the potential to deliver the results you are hoping to achieve.

Prototyping & Testing

We will build prototypes in order to undertake testing and field trials and implement design improvements based on the results.  

© 2017 KMS Projects Ltd.

© 2017 KMS Projects Ltd.